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Bounce and Cheer

Bounce and Cheer Cheerleading team

“We see lots of smiling faces coming in here,” says Emma Champion, at Glossop’s latest sporting enterprise.  That’s hardly surprising, even the name - Bounce and Cheer Education - lifts the spirits. 

Emma Champion and Hannah Jones opened BACE in October, at Glossop Brook Business Park in Surrey Street. It’s the realisation of their shared ambition to promote high quality inclusive sport to local people at recreational and competitive levels, and a natural progression for the experience and expertise they have in their individual specialities. BACE is the home of High Peak Trampolining and Rebound Therapy Club and Loud and Proud Cheerleading, welcoming all abilities and age groups, pre-school to adult, with activities designed to ensure exercise is fun, as well as good for your health and well-being. Adult fitness classes such as Ugg Boot Camp, LazyFit, Boxercise are on the first floor studio.  Many bounce and cheer youngsters have little interest in more conventional team or gym membership, but are happy to travel from as far as Buxton or Mossley to enjoy trampolining, cheerleading, tumbling and gymnastics.

Bounce and Cheer Cheerleaders

“Having these dedicated premises has made all the difference,” says Emma, “and an industrial unit is ideal. We used to drive between church halls and hired rooms, which meant we could not carry much equipment, and few buildings you can hire have the height for trampolining, or the specialist flooring needed for tumbling and gymnastics. Now we can cater for all our disciplines and make the most of the specialist equipment that benefits our disability and rebound therapy participants, who also like the club atmosphere as it enhances their social and communication opportunities.

Bounce and Cheer Cheerleaders

“Cheerleading combines choreographed dance with gymnastics, jumps and stunts, so it’s as physically demanding as many other sports,” says Hannah, a coach and international judge whose teams regularly achieve success in national competitions.  She also runs clubs at some Stockport and High Peak schools, complementing the curriculum and often engaging students who shun traditional school sports. “It’s great for physical exercise, building fitness, stamina, agility, flexibility, strength and balance, and it’s good for personal development in nurturing trust, team spirit and sportsmanship as well as self-confidence. Our leadership programme encourages older athletes to act as role models for the younger ones and contributes to the supportive environment.”   Her latest award-winning group at BACE comprises ‘cheer parents’ who were so inspired by their children’s performances and enthusiasm that they demanded a team of their own.

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