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Have your say- Marple Neighbourhood Forum

Denise Ead

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The Marple Neighbourhood Forum (MNF) held their Annual General Meeting in January at the United Reform Church, Hibbert Lane, Marple. Aims and objectives are to give the community of Marple a say in how Marple evolves in the future. The areas of interest include, Town Centre and Retail, Pride in Marple, Getting Around, Community Space, Housing and Development, Heritage and Tourism and Employment. The people of Marple are invited to express their views which will form the basis of a written plan to be produced in 2018. The Chairman of the MNF David Ackroyd said, “It is vital people put their ideas forward as we need to get as broad a spectrum of views as possible”. David went on to say, “We are still at the beginning of this process in setting up the Forum and as the Plan will be around for 20 years and will affect the younger generation, we need to include schools and get their views also”.

During the second part of the meeting a lively debate ensued. The motion put forward was, ‘Marple should remain a village’. Tony Smith argued that Marple is a village and listed the assets. Simon Temple opposed the motion arguing that Marple was a town. There were a lot of stimulating questions and comments from the floor as to what constitutes a village or a town. Geoff Tomlinson summed it up well when he said, “Marple has the friendliness of a village but with all the amenities you would get in a town.”

If you would like to see the arguments presented in the debate they will be available on the website. The website states, “We live in a truly beautiful place”  All at the AGM agreed with this and the task now is to encourage all who live in Marple to have their say.

Anyone who lives or works in Marple can be a member of the Forum.  If you would like to know more or become a member go to the website for further information.