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Women’s World Day of Prayer

Denise Ead

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Women's World Day of PrayerMarpleNew Mills

Women's World Day of Prayer took place last month

Every year women from all over the world celebrate the Womens World Day of Prayer. This international movement links women from different countries and diverse backgrounds, to share experiences and to support projects that further the education and progress of women in developing countries. 

A theme is selected from the nominated country, the service is written, which consists of readings, hymns and prayers. This same service is celebrated in churches all over the world. This year the service was from the Philippines and called, Am I being Unfair to You?It explored the role of women and the hardships they endure. The women of Marple, New Mills and the surrounding areas took part in the service in March. The church of the Annunciation, New Mills, welcomed women of all denominations to join in the service. 

A collection was taken and all the money donated will go to a central point to be allocated to the many charities working to improve the lives of women and young girls all over the world. 

For information about theInternational World Day of Prayer: