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Artist Ingrid featured on BBC's Countryfile

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Local Narrative artist Ingrid Karlsson with the presenter of BBC's Countryfile programme Ellie Harrison

Chapel en le Frith narrative artist Ingrid Karlsson recently featured in the Peak District special on Countryfile .

The Peak District has, over the years, attracted artists of all backgrounds, inspired by its unique landscape. One artist stimulated by the natural beauty on our doorstep is Ingrid Karlsson, a Swedish artist who moved to the Peak District 14 years ago. 

Some of Ingrid Karlsson's work

Ingrid, who now lives in Chapel en le Frith, is a versatile, mixed media artist, who works with a narrative style. Much of Ingrid’s work is inspired by storytelling, having always loved the way old cultures and primitive art told stories from cave paintings. 

From exhibiting her artwork in her northern home city of Umeå in 2014, to currently exhibiting at Chatsworth, as part of the ‘Peak District Artisans’ Chatsworth Exhibition’, Ingrid Karlsson is an established narrative artist, whose storytelling artwork is an inspirational rich tapestry of visual language.

Some of Ingrid Karlsson's work

So prolific, engaging and unique is Ingrid’s work that she was recently approached by the BBC’s Countryfile, which was looking for narrative artists to connect with ahead of National Storytelling Week. Countryfile researchers found Ingrid through the Peak District Artisans, a large professional group in the area, which Ingrid has been involved with for more than 12 years and is currently Chair. 

Ingrid featured in Countryfile in January this year. The artist told us about her exciting experience filming for the popular BBC series. Ingrid met with the show’s presenter, Ellie Harrison, the TV crew and the producer on an extremely cold and snowy Friday morning. Ingrid showed the Countryfile team a favourite location of hers in the High Peak. Much of the filming took place in Ingrid’s studio, where she and Ellie, went through the mixed media techniques Ingrid uses in her work, including mono-printing and machine stitching. 

Ingrid and Ellie Harrison from BBC's Countryfile

Ingrid described the whole experience as being “brilliant” and  a day she’ll never forget. 

“The whole day of filming was intense, exciting, nerve wracking and like Cinderella's ball, absolutely wonderful! The team were so friendly and nice to be with, I learnt a lot about how filming on location works and saw what an amazing amount of work goes into even a short bit of broadcast material,” Ingrid told us. 

The artist also told the High Peak Review of her love for the Peak District and in particular the High Peak as it is “rich in its landscape as well as in its stories.”  Ingrid spoke of the “hidden gems” she finds on her travels through the Peak District, “beautiful little places with some interesting tales to tell” - Cotton's Fishing Temple, Lud's Church, St. Joseph's Shrine, The Manifold Dovecote, to name just a few.

“I never get tired of my surroundings, and here in Chapel I find many new gems to discover, which will keep me going for years to come!” said Ingrid. 

The High Peak is definitely honoured to be the home of the ultra-talented artist Ingrid Karlsson.