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May Queens break with tradition

Sheila Armstrong

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HayfieldHayfield May QueenRoyalty Zoe WildAmy WilliamsDaniel DriverEthan Sweeney

Prince Ethan, Queen Amy and King Daniel

HAYFIELD May Queen celebrates its 90th anniversary on May 13th and for the first time organisers will be breaking with tradition and including a male king and prince.

The idea to do get boys involved as royalty came from parents. May Queen Committee Chair Zoe Wild said: "They asked whether boys could play a more active role so we decided to include a king and prince and had a good response."

Supporting ten-year-old Amy Williams who will be dressed in white to symbolise purity and is the youngest May Queen Elect ever, will be King Elect Daniel Driver who is eleven and Prince Elect Ethan Sweeney who is only six. Explaining why he put himself forward for the role Daniel said: "I thought it would be fun and I wanted to try something new and take part in something that will go down in history." Whilst Ethan added: "I am looking forward to wearing a suit." The retinue will be in purple.

Prince Elect Ethan Sweeney (6) and  King Elect Daniel Driver (11)

The Hayfield May Queen is believed to be the longest continuous procession of its kind in the country. It began in 1928 when the local hospital started the event to raise funds and it continued throughout the war years. The tradition of giving is still going strong today with proceeds from this year's event earmarked for Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, Hayfield Primary, Holly's Footprint and the Charlie Craig Memorial Fund.

Zoe said: "To mark the 90th anniversary we have invited all the former royalty to come and join us as we are trying to make the street parade as big as we can. We have got all the usual bands and we are also trying to bring back the dance troupes and other attractions that have been popular over the last few years."

Prince Elect Ethan Sweeney (6)

The fun starts on the May Queen field at 11am where the attractions include an animated dinosaur named Rex and a giant Mr Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters film. In the afternoon the highlight of the day is the crowning of this year's royals. 

The actual parade sets off from Wood Lane at 1.30pm. Some of the highlights of the parade will include KITT the car from the 1980s TV series 'Knight Rider' which featured David Hasselhoff and Lightning McQueen from the 2006 comedy adventure 'Cars'.

Meanwhile if anyone wants to offer their help either on the day or for next year's event then the committee would love to hear from them. Zoe said:"We usually start planning for the next one in June and we are always in need of helpers as at the moment there is only six of us." Anyone who is interested should contact Zoe on 07735094166 or