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Rob raises money for “We love MCR Charity” fund

Denise Ead

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Rob Wilson We Love MCR Charity White Nancy Manchester Bee Knutsford Marple Artist Lockside Mill

Artist Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson has put his talents to good use by raising over £1,500 for the ‘We love MCR charity’. This charity supports the people of Manchester and formed the emergency fund set up to help those recently injured in the Arena bombing. 

Rob’s love of Manchester and his desire to help the charity have come together in a unique and vibrant painting titled, ‘White Nancy’. The inspiration came whilst admiring the dramatic skyline of Manchester from The Ridge, in Marple. Rob said, “On hearing that a large image of the Manchester Bee had been painted on the White Nancy, which shares a similar captivating view, it seemed the perfect opportunity to visit it. I have painted many pictures of Manchester over the years capturing the architecture of this unique city and its people.

Rob Wilson

Following the recent tragic event the painting seemed a fitting way to support the people of Manchester through the ‘We Love MCR Charity’.” 95 signed prints have been produced from the original painting which are available in three sizes. Prices start from £95 with fifty percent of profits going to the charity. 

Rob, born in Knutsford, often visited the Marple area as a youngster, “I loved drawing trees from around the canal side in Marple. I imagined having an Art Studio in the Lockside building on the canal bank”. Well, dreams do come true because Rob moved into the Lockside building in May of this year. He studied Art and Design in Bradford, Yorkshire influenced by its textile heritage. This is now incorporated in the art he produces. His paintings combine stitching, water and acrylic paints with printed media and dress patterns. He said, “It is the combination of all these items that build up the painting and make it full of interest”. 

A modest man, I had to prise out of Rob the fact that he’d been recently commissioned by Westminster Abbey where one of his paintings is depicted on a range of merchandise including notepads, jigsaws and silk scarves. Rob shares his talents with the community of Marple by inviting school classes into his studio to learn the process of creating one of his paintings. If you would like to see Rob’s artwork, come to an open day held every Friday at Lockside Mill, where you can browse and enjoy his paintings in this lovely setting.

If you would like to know more about Rob Wilson email him on