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Children's Art Competition

‘Something alive’ is brightening up the entrance to Whaley Bridge library. Three local schools and Whaley Bridge Brownies took part in a recent art competition sponsored by the Uniting Church, and the winning pictures are currently on display.

The competition aimed to encourage budding talent, and the theme of ‘Something Alive!’ inspired amazing artwork. Playful puppies, sea creatures, a frizzy hedgehog, a swivel-eyed ladybird and a Highland cow were just a few of the winning entries contributed from Kettleshulme St James, Taxal and Fernilee, and Whaley Bridge Primary. 

Judges Rosemary Kidd, Joyce Clayton and Alan Dunn said ‘We want to thank all the children who took part. We’re only sorry there wasn’t room to display everyone’s picture at the library.’ Age-group winners were 5-year-old Esther from Kettleshulme, Harry (8) from Taxal and Fernilee, Madi (7) from Whaley Bridge and Eve (10) from Taxal, whose splendid giraffe portrait was the overall winner.