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A cheque for £13,000 has been presented to Cancer Research UK

by Susan Hampshire

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Marple Marple Open Gardens Cancer Research UK Gardens

Presentation of cheque by Mary Hoult for £13,000 to Natasha Foxford, Senior Local Fundraising Manager for Cancer Research UK. Photos courtesy of Arthur Procter

A cheque for £13,000 has been presented to Cancer Research UK, the result of the recent Open Gardens event in Marple.

The organisers are delighted with the final total and say they are now hoping to hold a similar event in Marple every four years.

One of the organisers Alison Allcard said: “Having the event every four years would slot in between Mellor Open Gardens. The Marple event took a full year to organise so every four years feels about right.”

Local people showed their support by buying tickets to view the local open gardens and also bolstered the event by displaying their own pots, tubs and hanging baskets planted in the distinctive colours of Cancer Research UK - bright pink, dark blue, light blue, purple and white.

A map allowed garden enthusiasts to navigate between the gardens which were grouped into four zones of Rose Hill, Marple centre, the Allotments and Marple Ridge. Many of the open gardens offered refreshments and plants for sale.

The gardens on show ranged from smaller town centre plots to those with more extensive grounds.

To view photos of some of the gardens that took part in the event go to our gallery at