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Marple’s ‘Tornado Taylor’

Helen Rogers

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Taylor Gillon Nicola Scott Goyt Mill Marple Hall School Boxing

Taylor with her mum Tracy and Step dad Matthew

When Taylor Gillon was twelve, her stepdad, Matthew, suggested that she might like to try her hand at boxing. The idea appealed to Taylor so a family friend, Nicola Scott, herself a boxer, helped with her initial training at Goyt Mill. Taylor was hooked on the sport and has never looked back since.

Now in her final year at Marple Hall School, Taylor has had four public boxing matches, all fought at Stockport County and all won by Taylor. At one of these fights in April 2016, Taylor claimed the Stockport Area Junior title and she has the boxing award belt to prove it. 

It’s not always just about the winning though and another of Taylor’s fights was organised by Stockport’s White Collar Fighting who set up matches to support charities and to provide an opportunity for contestants to meet in the ring. Taylor chose Stockport’s Wellspring to receive £300, which she raised from match sponsorship given by friends, family, Marple Hall School teachers and other supporters.

Taylor is now part way through a ten-week training period at Magic Hatton in Bredbury where she is continuing her training. So far, Taylor’s fights have not been licensed, but this specialist boxing and fitness gym will take Taylor down the amateur route where she will have a medical, go on a register and get a licence which will allow her to compete nationally. 

Taylor’s preference is to box without headgear as it restricts the contestant’s vision, so in her matches, and in the interests of fair play, neither contestant uses headgear. In addition to her twice weekly training sessions at Magic Hatton, Taylor runs, walks and does boxing pad training with Matthew. The road to the top level of the boxing world is tough, but Taylor’s in it for the long haul and her dream is to represent her country in the Olympics.

As well as boxing, Taylor’s other big love is animals and she does voluntary work at the Garden House near the Roman Lakes, helping with alpaca walking and other activities there. However, her love of animals focusses mainly on her dogs, Hilda and Belle, a rescue dog. Over the last year, Taylor has been working intensively with Belle to improve the dog’s behaviour and the hard work is now paying dividends. It has also been a good training exercise for Taylor as she is applying to be a volunteer Police Cadet working with dogs and she hopes, one day, to be a Police Dog Handler.

In the meantime, Taylor is looking forward to September when the boxing season starts and is hoping for her next fight to take place in October. She has a number of sponsors who have helped her get this far, including Dawn and Colin Blease, (Marple Tavern licensees), Guy Froggart, Care Needs, Mapole Scaffolding and NJF Roofing Contractors, amongst others. Taylor is always well supported at her boxing matches by friends and family with her Mum, Tracey, always making sure she’s got a front row seat to give her daughter plenty of vocal support. And, eight-year-old brother, Bodhi, is considering following his sister’s lead into the boxing ring; what greater support can there be than that from a younger brother?