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Ludworth School hoping to increase numbers

By Diane Inglis on Thursday, 20 September, 2018

Plans to increase the number of pupils at Ludworth Primary School in Marple Bridge are causing concern for local residents worried about congestion and the lack of parking in the area.

Phone mast by Ludworth Primary School

By Diane Inglis on Sunday, 09 April, 2017

A proposal to erect a 12.5 metre high mobile phone mast and associated equipment immediately next to Ludworth Primary School in Marple Bridge has met with opposition from the school and local residents.

Cheshire Ring Cycle Challenge

By Diane Inglis on Monday, 18 January, 2016

When two friends decided to plan a cycling challenge they knew there would have be two main requirements. The first was that it should be the complete route of the Cheshire Ring canal network and the second was that it should be for charity.